Local sensor warning messages

  • Hi!

    I wanted to add some temperature sensors to my gateway as it is situated very nicely in the house and will cover four rooms pretty easily. Everything seems to be working just as it should but I am getting annoying warning messages in my Home Assistant logs:

    2020-04-13 17:02:24 WARNING (MainThread) [mysensors.message] Error decoding message from gateway, bad data received: Sending DATA
    2020-04-13 17:02:24 WARNING (MainThread) [mysensors] Not a valid message: not enough values to unpack (expected 5, got 0)

    My theory this far is when looking at the serial output of the gateway a locally attatched sensor differs from a remote node.

    Example from node:

    0;255;3;0;9;39174 TSF:MSG:READ,3-3-0,s=1,c=1,t=18,pt=7,l=5,sg=0:278.0930

    Example from local sensor:


    So my guess is that home assistant is trying to unpack the data that normally comes with the message but with the local node there is none.

    I could just ignore the warning but i thought i would ask if anyone have found a solution for problem?

  • @niclas comment the

    #define MY_DEBUG

    In your gateway sketch

  • Haha.. Works perfect! Thank you.

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