Whats happen if an ; (semicolon) or /n (LF) is in the date send by a node ?

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    Gateway will handle it correctly but the linefeed might confuse the controller. Same goes for semicolon if the controller splits input on this.

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    I think the \n or the ; should be encoded differently.
    In facts, the protocol says that the message is finished by a \n . So, the first one which will be encountered will mark the end of the message.

    So to be concise :
    0;3;0;9;1;foo\nbar\n will be understood as 0;3;0;9;1;foo\n

    For the ; I think it's not a problem ? Haven't tried yet.

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    must be understand also. I got it from the tcp stream of the actual ether-gw.

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