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  • Hello all,

    I bought this device and it uses a radio module to communicate with its display.

    I can define my own address with a number from 0-125.

    My question is how can I listen to the data it is broadcasting?

  • @Tsjippy said in listen to 3th party device:

    My question is how can I listen to the data it is broadcasting?

    most probably not with MySensors library. You would have to do some serious radio protocol reengineering, I guess...

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    @Tsjippy Judging from this picture which the link points to:
    it looks like it is using an nRF24L01+ module; the same module MySensors supports.

    However, the software on the unit does not run MySensors (judging from the 0-125 address range), so you would either need to reprogram the unit with the MySensors stack (can't tell from the pictures if this is possible at all) or try to build a receiver using another nRF24L01+ module, which you would also need to program to communicate with the device.

    Still it would be hard without a specification of the communication protocol.
    One of the user comments mention the seller sent some docs along, so maybe you could ask them for specs?

  • thanks for the answer. The seller did only reply with the manual not with the protocol to bad

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    @Yveaux do you think could be used to reverse-engineer the protocol?

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    @mfalkvidd probably, but the search range (channel, baudrate) will be large.
    I would start by just sniffing the spi communication to the nrf24 using a logic analyzer, to get the comms parameters and the data. Then configure another nrf24 to receive this data and work from there.

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