RPI GW - Configure an ethernet RPI GW that drive an USB Arduino GW

  • Hello

    I've build a serial gateway with an Arduino Nano connected to my Rpi running Domoticz. Everything is working fine.
    But now, I'm looking at FOTA. And I realised that a serial gateway is not really easy to use (my pi and the gateway are in the attic)

    So instead of running a RPI GW driving a radio on GPIO pin, I'd like to know if it could be possible to configure the RPI GW as ethernet (or MQTT), and drive the Arduino GW on USB. Like that, i'll not have to build a new RPI Hat with a new radio.
    The RPI GW, configure as ethernet or MQTT will "hide" the real one.

    It could do something like :
    RFM69(orNRF24) =(wire)=> Arduino Nano =(USB)=> PI GW ==(IP)==> Controllers(Pi/MySController...)

    What do you think of such feature ?

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