RFM69 - Get 433Mhz RF RSSI present in the air.

  • Hello, I´m Eugenio Mercol from Argentina.
    I´m trying to do a simple project, but, I cant find the way.
    Project: 433Mhz RF RSSI meter
    Hardware: RFM69 connected to Arduino UNO using 5v to 3.3V level shifter between them (connections checked, are OK)
    Objetive: Read the RSSI present in the air, transmitted from 433Mhz Radio tansmitter like, for example, BAOFENG uv-5r
    Explanation: I need to make a measurement of the 433Mhz RF signal level present in the air and show it by serial monitor.

    • Send or recieve valid radio packet is not necesary
    • Only receive mode will be use
    • "No valid" or "valid" radio packet is the same, because I just need the RSSI in real time, all the time

    I triyed to use all libraries and examples that I find on internet, too many, but all them needs to get a valid radio packet to show the RSSI value.
    Libraries and examples used: HopeRF, HopeRFLib, RadioHeadMaster, RFM69_PowerLab, and only show the RSSI when a valid radio packet is received.

    Well, I can´t resolve it by my self, could you help me?

    Thank you!

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