some differences between serial- and tcp-gateways.

  • when changing from a tcp gateway (wemos D1) to a serial gateway, i noticed that there must be some differences between the two gateways.

    the serial interface does not connect S_Mutimeter and V_Voltage
    the TCP gateway can do that without problems

    i tried it with my own sketch as well as with MockMySensors.ino.

    in mockMysSensors i activate 3 entities. one of them is S_Multimeter.
    with the serial gateway only 2 entities are recognized
    with the TCP Gateway all 3 entities are recognized.

    i use homeassistant version 2023.3.4
    MySensors version 2.3.2

    who can help here?

    best regards

    Translated with (free version)

  • Hi Branther,

    in the mockSensors, the battery state is sent at the very begining of the loop. HomeAssistant does not like this, I had this problem myself shortly. You have to send an initial value of each entity to HomeAssistant before you send something else. Try to move the sendBatteryLevel to the end of the loop.

    Regards, Edi

  • sorry for my late reply. i don't have time to continue at the moment.
    I will try to implement your suggested solution.

    the problem still exists and i will report back.
    thanks for your feedback
    best regards

  • Sorry, also here you can close the post
    it turned out that some components were defective.
    it took me a long time to discover it and I disposed of the components.
    serial gateway works flawlessly with my voltmeter un my motor vehicle.


  • @Branther Thank you for your feedback!

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