Ethernet Gateway hangs up

  • HI!

    I'm using domoticz with (currently) 4 nodes (temp,hum,pir mostly) and EthernetGateway with Nano connected to a USB powered hub.
    After a few days of nice work I've noticed that ping times to that gateway were rising up and yesterday at evening they were about 5000-7000 ms (5-7 sec.) to answer a ping (and not all of them).

    It all finished today's morning at 6 am, when EthernetGateway hanged up totally and died . Currently I'm at work and have no option to restart it...

    I use the ENC version of Ethernet controller.
    Did anyone else notice similiar situation? What could be the possible reason for such activity?

    And the final question: may switching to w5100 ethernet controller solve the problem (as there's more control done by chipset, instead of Arduino?)

  • @andriej this is off topic but I wanted to ask you if are able to turn off/on relay actuator thru domoticz UI via Ethernet gateway?

    It's not working with mine!

  • @kunall unfortunately I don't have any 'actuators' to switch with Domoticz, only sensors which report.

  • @andriej you can toggle internal led on pin 13 🙂

  • @kunall thanks for idea, will try 😄
    maybe I didn't think of it because pin 13 is used by nRF?

  • Hardware Contributor

    Someone plz correct me if I'm wrong, but AFAIK there's no stable ENC28J60-based gateway yet.

    link text

  • sorry for digging up this older thread but I do have a very similar problem:
    Ijust build a Ethernet gateway with the W5100 module and the gateway starts then works for a while and will freeze after generating a reading like this:

    0;0;3;0;9;read: 103-103-0 s=2,c=1,t=38,pt=7,l=5:17806714000000.000000

    103 is a temperature sensor which works totally fine on a serial gateway.
    I can not reproduce this error but it happens within minutes of a fresh start.

    I still can ping the gateway, the power source is a PC USB port (for now) the radio has no Capacitor on 3,3V

    any clue where to start debugging (I am fairly new to arduino/MySensors)


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