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  • I read that the Vera plugin version and the library versions should be the same, but mine aren't. I downloaded both from the mysensor website. Plugin is v1.3 and the lib is v1.2+. I'm trying to include a temp sensor but it's not detecting it and I'm wondering if this might be the cause? thanks.

  • Admin

    No, we rolled the plugin version earlier this week. We will probably promote Arduino library to 1.3 soon also.

    They are fully compatible. No worries. 😉

  • Ok, figured it out. Just a bad solder joint on the sensor harness. Works great!

  • Actually, a small glitch. I get good temp readings from three sensors strung together on the harness, but then occasionally one or two will go from 70.5 (for example) to -196.5 (note the negative). When it gives the odd reading it's always the -196.5. It updates about once a minute and will occasionally switch back and forth from good readings to the -196.5. Any thoughts?

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    I doubt it's related to the MySensors communication. Are you using a Dallas temp sensor? Could you check that the is actually connected to the dallas sensor by using isConnected().
    When googling your problem I found a few hits on -196.6 which is the error code (DEVICE_DISCONNECTED) converted to Fahrenheit.

    Start debug mode (Config.h) to see what the sensor actually sends.

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