MySensors and Arduino IDE is not mixing anymore....

  • Hi,

    I'm not too sure what happened, but after I had a to power down my server and move it last weekend, all of the sensors on the MySensors network have stopped working. So to try and see what was going on, I plugged my serial gateway into my desktop computer and looked at the output..... which is garbled. I'm getting random strings of characters (looks like something from Wingdings) and that's it, no plain english text!

    So, I thought it might be my desktop since I did recently upgrade it to an SSD, and my Profile folder was a little messed up. So I fresh installed Linux on a laptop of mine and the Arduino IDE and installed the MySensors library..... i'm getting the same thing. Since it's plugged into my PC right now, here is an example of the output i'm getting from a standard motion sensors. Using Arduino (nano), 501 PIR Motion sensor, NRF24L01.


    Did something change in the Arduino IDE or MySensors library that would cause this? Please help, would really like to get back up and running!

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    I've seen that on the serial line when I have the baud rate incorrect set in the serial window. I think 115200 is usually correct but you might want to check your sketch to see what it's using.

  • Ahh, that's what it was. Stupid me.

    Thanks again!

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