Teensy 3.X Support

  • Is it possible that we could find 32 bit Teensy's supported in the future? Smaller size, more power and memory available.

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    I'm working on atmel SAM D21 support right now. Basic support for a Serial GW using the samd, are going to be available in short time (in development).

    It's an arm cortex m0+ core. And we are using it in our new "killer" GW device 🙂

  • Will this be more than the $20.00 price tag of the Teensy 3.2? What benefits would one receive over the Teensy?

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    It will have sockets for NRF24L01, W5100 (ethernet) and pads for an RFM69HW module. atsha204 is onboard, and probably a socket for ESP8266 (the development version has, but there are seperate ports of mysensors to run natively on ESP hardware, so I'm probably dropping that from the list of supported hardware)

    Final version will probably include a micro SDCARD reader onboard as well.

    Also it will have the mysensors standardised MYSX connector

    Pricetag isn't negotiated yet, but will probably be a something between 20$ and 30$.

    More info is in this thread

  • Ho @tbowmo

    Sounds like a very interesting board. I'm guessing the SD card is to log data, possibly offline?

    And just curious, would adding a RTC be any good? If for say you wanted to use MySensors to log data, but no controller the RTC and SD card could be used for timestamping/logging data. And if a controller were to get out of sync, the data is there to be sent (in theory).

  • okay, I'll bite. Let us know when we can buy and play with these boards of wonder! 🙂

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    There are rtc available in the SAMD. But there is no battery backup (yet).

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