Rfm69 RelayActuator with button freezing

  • Hi my rfm69 RelayActuator keep on freezing. I am using version 1.6. This is the only node in my system that keep on freezing and the only way that I can get it to work is by removing the power from the sensor. The nodes will run for a day without any issues before it freeze. I also have have 2 Nrf24l01 RelayActuator with button running version 1.4 with in my system and this 2 node's don't freezes. I use Domoticz as my controller

  • Hi @Francois

    I would try the stable 1.5 version of the MySensors library over the development 1.6. Try that and see how it works.

    Also what gateway are you using? Ethernet Wired, Serial or EPS wireless?

  • HI @drock1985

    I had the same problem with stable version that is why I change over to the 1.6 dev version. I use the serial gateway. I thought it the power supply that I used so I upgrade to better 5v power supply and still I am getting the same issue. The relay actuator will freeze after a day and the only way I can get it to work is power it off. What I don't understand is that I also run a NFR24L01 radio as relay Actuator also on dev 1.6 without any issues. The rest of my RFM69 sensor I don't have a problem with only with the relay sensors.

  • @Francois Did you connect 4.7uF capacitor to RFM69 ?

  • @fets yes i did.

  • @Francois

    Try a highter uF capacitor. I had a couple of the NRF radios that needed a 10uF or higher one to work correctly.

  • @Francois I have the same issue and my gateway freeze even with node sending temperature.
    I read something about 2 capacitors : one chemical 4.7uF and a non polarized around 10nF, I'll try it soon.
    I don't have 10uF or higher as @drock1985 mentioned to test. Do you ?

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