Not Too Techy windows controller

  • Hi, probably been asked a zillion times before but I have not found any posts specifically ralated to non-techy type controllers. I want to have all my automation stuff on a home network system and do not need access via smart-phone etc when away from the place. If everything is working as it should, then I would not need to control anything.

    I can see where some outside access might be nice to see what's on and what's not, but we are retired and rarely away from home anyway. Also we live out in the boonies where mains-power and DSL can be off for five or six hours at a time. The squeaky wheel gets the oil, but, out here there are only a few wheels to squeak so our repairs are always well down the list. With only one of each, gotta take it or shiver.

    I am looking for a x86 based controller (Lenovo Miix Tablet) that is not too hard to set up and maintain. I also have a model-B Raspi, but woudl like to use windows because of the touch screen. I looked at Dometicz but didn't like that as I have to give Lat/Lon for the install. None of their business. Then I started reading here and all the controllers I read about got very technical, very fast. I am not a novice when it comes to programming Arduino, but Linux is a mystery to me and I do not want to have to spend a month learning Linux/Java et al, just so I can have the heat turn on automatically.

    So, what's a short list of Rpi or win86 GUI-controllers that are not too complicated to set up and use? I am not after anything fancy, just a few Nanos with DHT22 and Relay boards at this point.


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