Why is MAX_RECEIVE_LENGTH 100? how to increase this buffer size?

  • Dear everyone!

    I am working to build my own sensor network based on Mysensors. Thank to Mysensors, my works was reduced a lots. The issue that I want to propose here is Why is MAX_RECEIVE_LENGTH 100? I want to increase this buffer size in order to send as much as msg possible in the same time from controller to all nodes.

    This is for an application of controlling home lights. For example, my home is installed 20 nodes to control lights, when I go out, I want to turn off all lights in on click, the gateway has to send 20 msg in one time. Thus, the buffer size should be higher than 100 bytes. In reality, I tested I just sent to 3 nodes in same time?
    Can someone help me, plz? thanks very much!

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