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    Would it be an idea to include a SMS system to send SMS's whenever the Internet connection is gone?! I know there are some SMS shields for the Arduino, so the combo would be great in my opinion... last Saturday I had a power down on my electricity and luckely I was at home, but it would be nice to get notified via a SMS since my aquarium also stopped working and that part is kinda tricky, a UPS is nice but not sufficient over a longer period of time so manual steps are needed...


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    Sending notifications is normally something the controller does, so it is not really part of the MySensors world. Dmomticz, for example, has options to send notifications over lots of protocols (prowl, pushbullet, pushover, clickatell sms, Android NMA, pushalot, etc). I think it would make sense to add "local" SMS here as well.

    SMS notifications is still a good idea, I just don't see how it would make sense to include it in the MySensors library.

    This thread, however, discusses creating a node that will send SMS messages when a V_TEXT message is received. Maybe that is something you can use?

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    The capability to send SMS is not really needed in the MySensors library itself, but the Adafruit FONA library works together with the MySensors library (DEV version anyway).

    I added a sketch which make a node a SMS gateway if it is equipped with a SIM800L module. You can find it on

    The sketch is available under the design files and is now part of the MySensors library examples (again in the development version only).

    If you want to get notified of the fact that your internet connection is down, you will need to make something on the controller side to notice this and then send a V_TEXT to the node itself, or change a "switch" on the node, so that it can trigger the sending of a SMS.

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