KiCad Arduino footprint

  • Hi all,
    I am just getting started working with KiCad, adding the MySensors libraries is working fine, also footprints are good!
    The only thing i am still looking for is a comprehensive Arduino lib including footprints for some china Arduinos, especially for this one:
    Any idea where I could get the missing footprint and library?


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    Isn't that already in the Mysensors kicad libraries?

  • The footprint should show how the board, component looks in reality, correct?
    then the Mysensors one is different: (it is rotated 180, the programming pins are not shown)

    EDIT: I just double checked, you are right, pins are corresponding only 27-29 is additional, never-mind, thanks for your making me look again!

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    The arduino pro-mini clones have a couple of variants, where some of the pins are located differently.. the FTDI header is not included in the footprint above, and is on the left hand side of the footprint. With your particular pcb variant, the 3 pins on the right hand side (27, 28 and 29) is placed differently, but are still available on the footprint, at the correct places.

    So yes, the footprint can be used for your variant as well..

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    FTDI pins are not on the footprint because they are typically used for a connector on the arduino module itself. And having them included in the footprint would unnecessarily complicate routing as it would more or less box in the routs underneath the module.

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