Pulse Sensor for electricity sketch question

  • Hi,
    i have a question about the example sketch Power meter Pulse sensor.
    I hav it all working now but the KWH total count is off.
    I have figured out that my meter has a pulse count of 187,5 blinks/kwh.
    so i changed the value of #define PULSE_FACTOR 1000 to 187.5.

    but it seems the arduino is rounding this number to 187, so my total kwh will be off.
    i think it is because of a float/int messup.
    how can i correct this?

    i was thinking of counting every pulse twice and then set the pulsefactor at 375.
    Maybe there is a other easy way around??

    Kind regards,

  • Mod

    The example sketch uses double for kwh so it shouldn't have problems with 187.5. Are you sure that's the problem?

  • I think the result is a floating point number but the divider isn't. I'm going to rewrite the formula so it matches my old sketch which was working correctly.

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