MySensors gw;

  • Hello all,

    On a node I used to have several sensors running and being reported as separate nodes in v1.5.4;

    MySensors gw;
    MySensors gw1;

    How do I do this in the 2.0 version? I know I can give a node id by #define MY_NODE_ID, what if I'd like to report some sensors under a different node id?


  • Admin

    Why would you do like that?

  • @hek Why not? I do like sorting nodes in Domoticz according to what they report.
    For example, I have a node with a dust and CO2 sensors. This is reported as a dust node no 11 and Co2 node no 12. Is there any way to do it in v2b?

  • Admin

    Nope, sorry. Node id was supposed to be just one, per physical node.

  • @hek This is pity. This means that I am going to loose a lot of historical information unless I want to manually copy and paste values in the DB.

    At least it makes an order - one id per node.

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