XTension for the Mac is now a mySensors controller

  • I hope this is the right place to announce this. Xtension at http://MacHomeAutomation.com/ is now a mySensors controller. We’ve had several users using the Vera controller plugin, and then our interface to the Vera to get their sensors into XTension. They sparked my interest and we now support it natively. If anyone is looking for more Mac options to connect their mySensors to I hope they will have a look at XTension. I would be happy to chat with anyone about it or to answer any questions here or via my personal email in my profile or at the Mac Home Automation wiki. Thanks for mySensors! I’m throughly enjoying building more of them myself!

  • Admin

    That's great news @PlanetaryGear!

    Could you please email me some screenshots+logo and some quick overview info like the other controller pages on MySensors.org? Send it to hek@mysensors.org

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