MQTT client gateway suggestions

  • Hi there,
    Fantastic work on this library! Thanks!

    A few suggestions for the mqtt client gateway:

    • Make the sketch name and version a "retained" message on the broker - this will make it easy for the controller to know which nodes are attached
    • Make the individual sensor presentations become a retained message on the broker. this will make it simple for a controller to know exactly which data to expect from which node
    • remove the ack from the mqtt topic tree - unless I have misunderstood something it is not really usefull between broker and gateway (except to make it look exactly as the mysensor frames). So remove it and save the bandwidth...
    • make it possible to define the QoS for messages to the server

    Thanks again

  • Hardware Contributor

    I think you will be happy 😉
    Because, i have what you're describing already working. but I'm a bit busy, i have multiple things to PR and need to order everything in sub pr, and check everything.
    So locally for the moment, I have an esp8266 MQTT client that I have modified, so:

    • it uses async
    • Qos 0,1,2. So in sketch you can publish or subscribe with qos.

    I take note for your retained message. I will add it on my side. that could be interesting. for ack, I had the same thought, I'm not sure too. I will ask..

  • Hi @scalz
    I am really looking forward to that!
    I was actually thinking that for sensors that only wake up and publish on changes, the retained feature could be really great too... That way you would always get the most recent temperatuere, switch position etc. on subscription... Except for the load on the broker I cannot see any disadvantages.

  • Hardware Contributor

    I know that this is old, but was this pushed to main? I would really need this! Thank You

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