Determine connected sensors after gateway restart

  • The serial gateway will restart sometimes, such as when you open a serial connection. The problem I'm having is that there doesn't seem to be any information propagated from the gateway when it starts up referring to nodes connected. I'm writing a controller and would like to determine which sensors are on after the gateway restarts. Is there a way to do this without pinging every possible sensor? If the node itself restarts, I see the info just fine, it reports a registration, etc, but not when the gateway restarts. Thanks ahead of time.

  • Admin


    The GW doesn't keep track of which nodes that is connected. It only acts as a GW between your sensor network and your controller..
    The presentation messages that you see in your controller, is coming directly from the node itself.

    Your controller should cache the node presentations. As it's the controllers job to assign node-id's they won't change if the GW is rebooted.