RFM95 support

  • For a smartfarming project the distance covered with the NRF24 radiomodule is insufficient. Now i'm looking at LoRa RFM95. This is not yet supported in the standard mysensor library. Did anyone experiment with this module?

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    When times permits, I'm also working on a long range farming project :) i will use rfm95w. for the moment it's not supported yet, in future yes i think...

    For longer range, you can use rfm69. the low power version has better range than nrf, but if you want a decent long range for your project, you can use rfm69HCW for instance (H = high power).

  • Hi I'm also working on a long range farming project, is there a high power RFM95 version?


  • @goranrad said in RFM95 support:

    long range farming

    i'm just curious, what is "long range farming" ? :P

  • As long as possible but with line of sight a radius of 10km or more would be nice :)

  • but farming as in agriculture not as in computing ? :D

  • Yes, in agriculture. Much like the Vinduino project.

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