Howto debug ethernet gateway W5100

  • Hi all,

    I have built my first ethernet gateway with an arduino nano + nrf24 + huge 220µF capa + W5100.

    I can ping the gateway, the gateway receives my sensors data, but nothing on the MYSController_1_0_0beta GUI, nothing in my Home server (Jeedom).

    Is that log is correct, I have the feeling that the gateway reboots after receiving RF frames, right or not ?

    Is there a simple way to debug what happens on the ethernet side ?

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    @DomoJimbo - how about using the serial output on the gateway?

  • Hi again,

    This is exaclty what I did, I put a Serial.println("Boot") in setup function, then I am now sure that my gateway reboots just after receiving a frame from any of my sensors.
    The question now is why ?!
    Is there a soft reboot somewhere in the mysensors lib or ethernet lib and why ?
    Any idea ?
    I have put a huge 220µF cap on the 3.3V supply of the nrf, without more success.

    I can ping the gateway, both DHCP and direct IP works.

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    @DomoJimbo - did you define #debug
    If you did you should see alot of debug messages.

    Good you have used capacitor... maybe you should try different sizes? My wild guess is power issues as well.

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    @DomoJimbo - what power supply do you use? Does any regulator have capacitors?

  • For now, I have a FTDMI usb as power supply, then I guess I have a budget of 500mA under 5V.
    I have put a 220µF cap on GND VCC direclty of the NRF. I use an adapter like this :
    My cap is between the adap and the nrf.

    Yes I turned on debug message. I will provide them this evening... but the init seems ok as I can ping and moreover I see sensors data coming. I have put a Serial.println in setup, then I see that the arduino reboots just after receiving data.

    What is the recommanded cap value ?

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    @DomoJimbo - 47 or 4,7uF on the radio.
    What IDE/Boards version do you use? There is a bug in the latest IDE which causes resets if I remember right...
    Use boards def below x.x.11 and try if that works for you.

  • @sundberg84
    I use a fake arduino nano, and the latest IDE (1.6.12)
    => I will try with an older version (1.6.7) as suggested by the thread.
    Thanks a lot, I won't have never look in that direction !

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    @DomoJimbo - note that the IDE version is not the problems, its the board def version you need to downgrade. Sorry for being unclear.

  • I am not sure to well understand, and I am sure that I don't know how to do it (downgrade the board def)!
    Would you please help me ?

    I though it was the IDE itself...
    I have just checked the file boards.txt, but it is the same in 1.6.7 and 1.6.12...
    Please help me !

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    @DomoJimbo - If you go inte the menu, select boards and the first menu is board manager. Open it up and select arduino (not sure what the standard is, but you will see). At the bottom corner there is a dropdown box. Select version and the "install" button will enable. Press it.

  • Great thank you, I think I have find it:


    I will give it a try this evening, I will let you know.

  • You saved my evening ! it works now like a charm.

    Thanks a lot for your help

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    @DomoJimbo - great to hear!

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