radio check for BinarySwitch nodes

  • hi everyone

    i have lighting switch nodes (binary switch sketch) connected to 220v ac contactor in order to monitor the operation of some electrical devices - timed heaters, security alarm buzzer (backup for the security company), and detecting power failure.

    because these nodes dont always send data - i wanted to have the nodes send their status even when it doesnt change for about every hour or so.
    i have accomplished it in my power failure node using this addition (the else part) to the sketch:

    if (value != oldValue) {
        // Send in the new value
        gw.send(msg.set(value == HIGH ? 0  : 1));
        oldValue = value;
        else if ((millis() - premil) >= 300000) {
          gw.send(msg.set(value == LOW ? 0  : 1));
          premil = millis();

    but when i tried this on other node it didnt worked in any syntax i tried:
    value == LOW ? 0 : 1
    value == LOW ? 1 : 0
    value == HIGH ? 1 :0
    value == HIGH ? 0 : 1

    and after an hour of trying i realized the case:

    • this method can only make the node send routinous data of "on" state only - even if it reads HIGH on the digital pin
    • the power failure node always send "on" beacuse it's normally feels electricity - while the other node monitors the turning on of the appliance and as mentioned - it cannot send "off" routinously.

    for the clarification of my request: i want a binary switch to be able to send "off" messages from time to time so i'll know it didnt lost connection from the GW.*

    example: (translation - the lower one is ON and upper is OFF)

    0_1478674160980_ללא שם.png