add a sensor in ethernet gateway

  • may be it's not a best practice, but i have read that with mysensors V2, we can add sensors in gateway ...

    so, i am testing a configuration with

    • arduino mega + ethernet shield + temp sensors
    • raspberry pi2 with controler domoticz (the last stable version)

    First, i have configured arduino with "ethernet gateway sketch example" ; i have no Radio/Wireless Transceivers so i have commented "#define MY_RADIO_NRF24" (otherwise i have compilation error)

    My controler work fine, it is connected with my gateway (i read that on my logs), and the debug on my gateway indicate it's working

    Now, i want to add a sensor on my gateway and

    1. i add variables
      #define CHILD_ID_DHT_TEMP 0
      MyMessage dhtTempMsg(CHILD_ID_DHT_TEMP, V_TEMP);
    2. i add a "presentation function"
      void presentation() {
      sendSketchInfo("mega eth - temp sensor", "1.01");
      present(CHILD_ID_DHT_TEMP, S_TEMP);
    3. in my loop, i add send message (t and lasDhtT are float variables)
      if (t != lastDhtT)
      send(dhtTempMsg.set(t, 1));
      lastDhtT = t;

    it seems that it's right, but my controler don't find the temp sensor ...

    if i have a good comprehensive view of schema, sensor is attached to a node; it appears at the gateway which transmits it into controler
    it seems that my gateway don't find the sensor ...

    Where have I made an error ?

    thanks for your help


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