[solved] Removing and re-adding devices

  • OK, so now that I have my MySensors plugin working in Vera, I am sure I am going to have a bunch of new questions. My first one is, I had my RS485 thermostat bridge node set up for me to control in Domoticz. My Vera has found the thermostat, but I want to make some changes to the bridge node on how it presents itself to Vera. I have removed the device from Vera, but I cannot seem to re-add it after I made a change. How do I re-add the node after removing it to make changes?

    One other question on the bridge node. When Vera first detected it, I had the MySensors plugin set for Metric. My temp values were being shown in Celsius. When I change the plugin to us Imperial, the temp values still showed in Celsius, even with a luup engine restart.

  • I figured out that deleting all parts of the device, clearing the eeprom and running inclusion again worked.

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