Can't find the right documentation... Reading receive messages

  • Hello,
    First of all, I would like to say thank you for MySensors.
    It seems to be doing all the things I expected for a longtime, and I have been trying to do it all by myself before...

    So, I am new to MySensors, not to Arduino / ESP8266, etc...

    I have been able to make a Gateway & a Sensor talk together.
    I have been able to connect to my MQTT server, as well...

    I am using the "void receive(MyMessage &msg)" routine to read incoming messages from my Sensor (a DHT22 based one).

    But I cannot figure out how to get the data from it !
    The variable I use doesn't seem to be a String, and I am pretty sure I coud get something like : MyNode = MyMessage.NODE_ID... but I can't find the explanation of how to read incoming messages...

    Hint : I am a hardware engineer from 1985, and I developed my programming skills very late...

    Here is the bit of code I use :

    void receive(MyMessage &msg)
      String MyMessage;
      int MsgLen = MyMessage.length();
      String Humid = MyMessage.substring(12, MsgLen);
      Serial.println (Humid);
    The result is that MsgLen (Length of MyMessage) = 0. So to me this is not a String... 
    Thanks for your help, 

  • Mod

    @Alain-Mizreh welcome to the MySensors community!

    msg is an object, which contains lots of stuff. msg.getString(char* buffer) is probably what you are looking for.

    Information about the MyMessage object is available at You might need to scroll inside the "code" box though, the get functions might not fit on the screen.

  • @mfalkvidd , Thanks for your reply !
    Would there be some code example to illustrate ?
    I am bad at manipulating variables, and I don't get it...
    The link you gave me is very detailed, however, I don't understand what I should do with all the variables described... Create one local variable for every field ?

    Thanks a lot,



  • Mod

    @Alain-Mizreh only create a variable for the data you are using. If you use a string, get a string.

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