Rs485 hardware serial collision detection library

  • I came across this library that claims collision detection and multiple masters for rs485. It uses hardware serial, which seems to be less favorable among people using rs485 and mysensors.

    It seems unlikely I am the first to find this so I'm wondering if anyone tried integrating this with mysensors? Was it rejected? Or found to be too big? Or oherwise inadequate?

  • @wallyllama
    If you closely read some threads about RS485 on this forum, you find, that some people use hardware serial
    with current RS485 library too. Problem is, that collision detection implemented by read-verified-write, i.e. all data written is checked on the fly, will never 100% work on "real" RS485 bus. RS485 transmitters are not constructed for this.

  • @kimot thanks for the response. I did see some use hardware serial, it is what i am using also. Your point about "real world" is really what I curious about.

  • Mod

    I guess can bus could be a more standard solution for more robust communication

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