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    I know it may sounds a little crazy, but would it be possible to use an ESP8266 (coule be wemos D1 or nodemcu) as a node over RS485 and use the wifi interface for OTA programming/updates? I'm asking because OTA updates are not supported over rs485, I personally would not rely too much on WiFi for security sensors and also I already have the cables where to put nodes with PIR sensors. At first I was planning on using some pro minis but it would become quite an hassle to go around and update them when needed. Also Sensebender could be an option because it should support OTA updates via rs485, but it would cost way more than an ESP8266.

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    @Yveaux @hek Do you guys have any suggestion?

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    @gohan I think it would be possible. I can update my ESPs using OTA with non-mysensors sketches and that method should work for sketches using MySensors as well.

    However, if you don't trust wifi for security, how can you trust wifi for OTA?

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    Well, the problem with WiFi is that I don't like the reliability, it can be jammed, but it's much faster for doing ota

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