Add new V_ACTION behavior for window shade/cover (and perhaps others)

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    I made a simple scenario for each of my shades/covers /roller blind (name them as you whish ! :))
    They are controller from just ONE button :
    If I push the button :
    When the blind is idle, If the previous move was a UP, I make them go down, else I make them go UP
    If the blind is already moving (I move them for a certain amount of time), stop them.

    So, my feature request is : add a V_ACTION new type.
    Of course, the behavior of the blind has to be handled by the arduino program.

    The S_COVER would so have : V_UP, V_DOWN, V_STOP, V_PERCENTAGE, V_ACTION.

    The same type could also be used for lights : When I press a switch button (doorbell kind), I could send a V_ACTION to a light node (S_DIMMER or S_BINARY) : It would toggle itself depending of his state.

    Edit : I found a Github issue that seems very similar to my request :

    sbrinkmann created this issue in mysensors/MySensors

    open New set/req type V_TOGGLE #724

  • I find V_ACTION too generic and would rather name it V_TRIGGER or something. Besides that I find the idea quite nice!

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    Yes , or perhaps V_DEFAULT_ACTION ?

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    @napo7 I think it would be a confusing type as the action is not clear. If you choose to have one button to control a multiple action device a simple V_STATUS = ON can do the trick.

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    V_STATUS=ON is even more confusing : I still want to be able to toggle the light from a controller, so I'll have to sens status on and off from controller.

  • Why, just always send V_STATUS=ON and implement it properly in your node (i.e. toggle on reception).

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