Skip presentation in case of missing radio comunication

  • Hello!

    AFAYK if a node boots and it's able to contact the gateway, it starts the loop() procedure.
    If the radio comunication gets interrupted, the internal procedures are processed anyway.
    It simply gives a fail during the send() command, but the rest works.

    What if the node fails to comunicate with the gateway from the boot?
    Isn't there a way to skip the boot procedure and let it try later but continue to process the loop()?

    The reason is I've a node with some logic inside. It works alone. No interraction from the controller is required. I use the controller to check the status of sensors but it should not stop to work if the radio comunication fails even at boot.

    Is there a way?



  • Hello Simon,

    afaik it is the intention behind the option to define a MY_TRANSPORT_WAIT_READY_MS statement, see hek's post here:

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the answer.
    I've added the parameter, seems after 7 tries it starts the loop(), thanks!
    Is there a way to reduce the tries?
    I've set this but is ignored:


    Or seems it's used only after the first cycle of 7 retries.



  • I am sorry, but I didn't analyse this feature in depth. For my personal application, it is sufficient when the node starts the loop(). How long this takes after power on is not too important. My nodes are set to 30, as far as I remember, so this seems not to be a digital option. Maybe, trying to rise this figure may lower the time?

  • Hello rejoe2
    I think it's enough for me as well for now.
    Thanks for the support! 🙂

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