Load a variable of pimatic from a mysensor node

  • Hi,

    I built a Mysensor Node with Temp, PIR and Relays in it.
    The Sensor Nodes detect motion with the PIR and send this to the “server”. Within Pimatic I have rules to send back “Turn on the Relay” and the relay on the sensor node turns on.

    I would like to add an “offline mode” for the sensor, so if the server isn’t reachable the sensor realizes this and automatically switchs on the relais in his own node.

    • I would like to store a bool information in a variable on the Pimatic-server like “Alarmmode”. How can I load this variable from a node?
      I have seen receiveTime as function. I need something like "receive variable"
      How can I do this?

    As I have multiples of those combined nodes I would like to have sensor-independent variable, kind of a global variable in pimatic.

    Thanks for your help,
    P.S. I also asked this in the pimatic forum, because I think it has to do with both worlds...

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