hvacThermostat thing missing V_STATUS binary switch?

  • Hi,

    I'm using Arduino/MySensors as thermostat and wanted to integrate it with OpenHAB as HVAC sensor type (temperatures, heating modes and status - on/off).

    However it seems that OpenHAB binding thing definition for hvacThermostat has only either string or number type channels and missing basic binary switch channel. In MySensors serial protocol S_HVAC has relation to V_STATUS type.

    So currently I'm trying to use V_HVAC_FLOW_STATE for indicating heating status but this seems not to work when mapped to Switch item in OpenHAB side:

    Switch FF_Bedroom_Heating_State "Bedroom heating state [MAP(on_off_switch_ee.map):%s]" (gHVAC, gFF_BedroomHeatingState, gHistory) {channel="mysensors:hvacThermostat:gateway:ff_bedroom_temp:hvac-flow-state"}
    Thing defined as: hvacThermostat ff_bedroom_temp [ nodeId="10", childId="31" ]

    From debug output it is seen that MySensors messages are correctly sent and received but no item state is changed in OpenHAB side. I tried to send binary true/false values and also with "ON"/"OFF" strings.

    Temperature is received and processed by OpenHAB correctly so thing definition and item definitions is most likely correct.

    So my question is, is it possible to add V_STATUS to hvacThermostat definition or do I miss something in my configuration?


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