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    Greetings, I am very new to openHAB. I think I might like it but I am struggling a lot with the gaps in documentation. which is why I'm posting here.
    my setup is openHABian running on a Raspberry Pi v 1b, openHab is running perfectly and i can control network devices such as Wemo switches, I have Mysensor v2 running on a Nano with 5 nodes, these are all working perfectly with my very old and slow Vera 2.
    I am using a serial gateway because this suites my setup better than Ethernet. I figure I have Raspberry Pi that has power and Ethernet, my not use it to power the Arduino as well. Besides that, I have not been able to successfully get the Ethernet gateway on Mysensor to work. But that’s another battel for another day.
    So here is my question. How do I configure OpenHab v2 to use the USB port to talk to Mysensor? There is no description on how to configure Mysensor to work serially with Openhab 2. there is a basic description on how to do it for v1.x but this is not at all helpful because OpenHab 2 doesn't use openhab.cfg

    The screenshot below shows the Mysensor Serial configuration page, but I don’t know what to put here.

    ![alt text](0_1492564538490_upload-4aec4721-a0d7-4a0e-9333-e131d00e824a image url)

    In case its not obvious. I’m not a Linux guy, so what may be obvious to anybody who is a Linux guy is not remotely obvious to us windows dudes.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Just a question : why don't you compile the gateway directly on the rpi? I did it together with the nrf24 connected on the rpi and it's running fine with just less cables around; I did choose mqtt but ethernet is pretty much the same and it allows to see debug messages using myscontroller without the need to open terminal on rpi

  • @gohan that's a great suggestion. The short answer is because I have no idea how to do that. As I said in my last post I'm not a Linux guy and while I like to think I'm pretty intelligent, with your suggestion I would not know where to begin. Having said that it is a great idea, less parts= less things that can go wrong.

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    just follow the guide. I am not much of a Linux guy too, but it is quite simple.

    Also there is this guide if you want to take a look, but it starts using mqtt and it adds a little more complexity

    If you still new to home automation, maybe you could consider start using a more simple controller like Domoticz and later on move to OpenHab

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    Well, you're nearly finished and just need to fill in the serial port to the MySensors gateway. If you're running a nano it probably is "/dev/ttyUSB0". To be sure: just open a console on the RPi, plug out and in the serial gateway and enter the command demsg. The last lines should give you more information.

    Additionally: Have you seen the explanations here?

  • @TimO .. perfect thanks very much. this is the missing part.

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