Need help with building my first simple mesh

  • Hello, im trying to build my first NRF24l01 mesh - It will be a simple network where 1 master arduino only needs to send 1 integer to 5 nodes - these nodes will move around and need to find out the best way to make the mesh connection to the master themself.

    Is there any simple examples how to do this? I have read some of the examples, but none of them fit what i want to do, even though it seems simple


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    Welcome to the MySensors community @martin1454 !

    MySensors is designed for environments that are fairly static. MySensors uses a tree topology. Not a mesh topology.

    Nodes will update their routing tables after several failed send attempts, but if the topology changes fast, connectivity will not be very good.

    Maybe MySensors isn't what you need? Have you looked at RadioHead's mesh functionality? Maybe that suits your use case better?

  • @mfalkvidd: I agree and know that MySensors is not built upon a mesh topology, however, couldn't each MySensors node act as a repeater for the above use case? I'm not using the repeater stuff so I am curious...

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    @pansen they can be used as repeater, yes. But each node would only have a tree topology in its routing table, so there would be no mesh. And updates of routing tables would probably be even slower, since all nodes on the path to the gateway would need to re-build its routing table when nodes move.

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