Define Mysensor (rgbw) Things in openhab2

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    I am currently trying to get my domoticz based network ported to openhab 2. I have installed the binding (2.2) and got openhab to connect to the serial gateway. I am struggling though to get it to use my existing nodes.

    I mainly have several RGBW nodes I want to use. I am trying to configure this via the config files, not the paper ui.

    Here is my .things file:

    Bridge mysensors:bridge-ser:gateway [ serialPort="/dev/ttyUSB0", sendDelay=200 ] {
        /** define things connected to that bridge here */
      	rgbwLight LichtFenster [nodeID=5, childId=1]
      	rgbwLight LichtSchrank [nodeID=6, childId=1]
      	rgbwLight LichtWand [nodeID=7, childId=1]

    The ids are correct but they are shown as uninitialzed in the paper ui. Why is that?
    When restarting one node it showed up in the paperui but as


    Also is this the right way to controll the lights:

    Color LichtSchrank "Licht Schrank" <slider> ["Lighting"] { channel="mysensors:rgbwLight:gateway:LichtSchrank:rgbw" }
    Color LichtFenster "Licht Fenster" <slider> ["Lighting"] { channel="mysensors:rgbwLight:gateway:rgbwlight_5_1:rgbw" }


    sitemap lights label="Wohnzimmer" {
    	Frame label="Licht" {
    		Colorpicker item=LichtSchrank
    		Switch item=LichtSchrank
    	Frame label="Licht" {
    		Colorpicker item=LichtFenster
    		Switch item=LichtFenster

    I can change the color (for the second one) but not switch them on/off. I also can't control the one only defined in the things file at all.
    Thanks for any help, I am still trying to learn this stuff 😉

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    Ok I'll answer my question here as I found the error with some help:
    it has to be

    // not nodeID

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