OpenHab don't want to reconnect after Gateway restart

  • Hi, I have OpenHabian installed on RPi3 and I have MySensors ethernet gateway configured on arduino uno and W5100 shield and Rs485 sensors network. (I have some problems with RS485 communication but I mentioned that in other thread.) The issue is that when I reset gateway or when I disconnect ethernet cable for a while I need to reboot my openhab or restart openhab service because openhab won't reconnect with gateway. All of configured things are marked as ONLINE but i can't switch any relays from OpenHab. Maybe you have some ideas what I'm doing wrong ?
    P.S. I'm configured my Things and Items with autodiscover, not by editing some config files.

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    I don't know much Openhab, but if you leave it alone for several hours it would not reconnect anyway?

  • In PaperUI, goto Configuration/Things/MySensors Ethernet Gateway. Set Disable Network Sanity Check to On (the label is named backwards). This sends a status check at your defined interval. This will reconnect your gw if it fails x times. (See other config params on that page)

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