help needed for getting started with arduino based sensor and Domoticz

  • I am a newby getting confused with all the new terminology on this site.
    In my house I have a network with Domoticz and RFXcom433.
    I want to add now my own arduino based sensor to the RFXcom433/Domoticz.

    What protocol is supported in the mysensors library to talk to the RFXCOM433?
    In other words what is the protocol setting for the RFXCOM433 in Domoticz config?
    Can I communicate directly from the arduino with RF module to the RFXCOM433?


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    Mysensors supports nrf24 and rfm69 radios. Look at the main site, there are all the examples of how to make nodes and gateway.

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    @peerv - RFXCom is not MySensors. They work similar, you have sensor transmitting data to a gateway.
    RFXCom uses their own librarys and communication and can not communicate with MySensors.
    In Domoticz (the controller) though you can have both a RFXCom gateway and a MySensors gateway, but a MySensors node/sensors can not talk to the RFXCom gatewat/channel.

    As @gohan said - have a look at and go trough everything there and you will understand.

  • Thanks guys, that makes it clear for me...

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