Node-red and Check_mk

  • Hi,

    i'm struggling with the communication between node-red and check_mk. The idea was to trigger an event (in check_mk) through a namped_pipe provided by checkmk. Therefore you can write a text message (e.g. '<78>Dec 18 10:40:00 myserver123 MyApplication: It happened again.') locally to the named pipe to trigger an event.

    Now everything should work in a node. The node should check the string for various test criteria and then write the string on the named pipe.

    To transfer the string to the named pipe i used these code-lines:

    var fs = require('fs');
    var writableStream = fs.createWriteStream('/opt/omd/sites/monitoring/tmp/run/mkeventd/events');

    Now the Problem:

    If i declare the string within the js-file (which i need to create a node) and then transfer it to writableStream.write(); everything works fine and an event in checkmk gets triggered.

    But if im defining a string outside the node (like in an inject-node; msg.payload) and then using it in my node... the triggering fails.

    Here are some Variantes i tried without any success.

    var Msg2 = msg.payload;
    var Msg2 = msg.payload;
    Msg2 = Msg2.toString();

    Any advices will be taken with much gratitude 🙂



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