voltperbits and reference voltage

  • Hi,
    i'm currently testing the functionalities of node manager as for battery monitoring.
    As i understand it your
    void setBatteryInternalVcc(bool value) in case bool =true is only to measure the Vcc the arduino is powered through.
    To measure another voltage , for instance the input voltage Vbatt of a step up regulator that feeds the arduino, Vbatt then being the actual battery voltage, we have no option except using bool = false and use a voltage divider to measure Vbatt on a chosen arduino pin with 1.1V as the reference.
    ... or what did i miss because your default value for voltperbits which is ~ 3.3 /1024 seems to imply that the reference is 3.3V in which case a voltage divider is not needed...

    what is your actual reference when measuring voltages? is it actually not defined and needing to be defined by using void setReference(int value) ? ... a bit misleading because in your documentation this void is not refered to in your battery management section

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