Vera automated dustcollection

  • I am attempting to create an automated dust collection in my workshop utilizing an arduino and the Vera.

    I currently have a Vera 3 and all my light switches, TiVo's, Motion Sensors are all working.

    I found a video online of someone doing something similar

    But instead of the number pad I would like my vera to detect when a tool is on, using somehting similar to this. Aeon Labs DSC06106-ZWUS, which can detect when something is in use.

    So in theory when the Vera detect a tool has been turned on it would send a signal to the Arduino and tell it to open the appropriate blast gate, and to turn on the vacuum. When power is no longer detected, close the blast gate and wait for another command.

    Does this seem possible? Thanks for the feedback..

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    What about using a current (power) sensor on each tool. When it turns on, the connected arduino opens the gate...and if you really need to, send via mysensors to your Vera...not sure why you need Vera to know.. except that its cool

    Hope this helps

  • That would work, and probably be cheaper in the long run.. as a zwave power sensor is around $40 each. Now i just need to figure out how to do it...

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    think about just wiring it in to the power for the tool... power on, signal to arduino... power off, another message.

    current sensors at $40 a whack just seems wrong to me. You could probably do all of your project for $40 with mySensors

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