HM-10 BLE node SoftSerial issues

  • Hello,
    I build a Mysensor 1.4 version node with a Arduino Nano and the NRF24. And made this connect with a HM-10 BLE module (bluetooth low energy module), and connected it on pin 4 Rx and 5 Tx and controlled it by asynch rs232 serial AT commands. on a SoftSerial bases. The goal of my project is to detect BLE beacons. measure their distances to the sensor and sent the distance and the MAC adress of the beacon to the gateway.
    When I tried to compile I got interrupt vector errors. After searching the web I found that I had to adjust the PinChangeInt.h and uncomment the #define NO_PORTB_PINCHANGES and also for port c and d. Then the compile went well.
    But I noticed then strange behaviour. When I sent AT commands and wait for a response on the SoftSerial port it misses sometimes characters. Its not reliable anymore. The scanning and detection stops after several minutes.
    How can I use SoftSerial and the 1.4 Mysensors together reliable?

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