nRF24L01 + and 433MHz RF on the same Gateware

  • Hi,
    Is Anybody know if it is possible to have nRF24L01 + and 433MHz RF on the same Gateware ?
    If not how can you connect one 433Mhz sensor to MySensors network ?

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    What kind of protocol is the 433 MHz RF running?

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    You could try but as the memory resources on on 328 is limited you should probably move it to a a bigger brother.

    Still 433Mhz stuff has no standard protocol working for all types of devices, you'll have to scout for libraries that supports your specific things.

    Integrating this into the library is probably best done by hacking the serial/eth gateway sketch hooking up where the serial data exchange to controller takes place.

  • It will be the same protocol .
    That's because the 433 Mhz sensor can range where nRF24L01 can not.
    As the picture .

  • @jesper Sounds like a callenge! Everything is of course possible but i.e there is no hardware Ack on that 433MHz radio so except replace the radio there is also "some" logic in the radiolib to deal with. That radio receiver is also quit noicy so you need a good radio protocol and probably also some software filter.

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    @jesper why do you need this?

    I have an alarm system with some sensors using 433MHz radio and a codding supported by RCSwitch library
    I have an idea to create a gate to pass alarm system sensors data to Mysensors network
    but the need is to have one way connection (alarm system sensors do not have receivers)

    in my idea you need a gateway with inclusion button and sensors type selection button.
    while including you can select what kind of the sensor you are going to include - this will instruct mysensors plugin to create right devices
    it is needed because alarm system sensors are sending just device ID, nothing else

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    @jesper said:

    the 433 Mhz sensor can range where nRF24L01 can not.

    What do you mean by "range"?

    Regarding memory, a Due would have enough memory to do both.