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  • Hi everyone,

    Life kind of got very busy for me over the last few years, but as it starts to slow down, I'm keen to get back into home automation. I have a Vera 3 and I used to use one of the gateways to combine Vera to MySensors, but it looks like a lot have changed. When I was last playing around with this stuff, I remember users complaining that the original radio was hampered by range, and I believe this has changed with the use of a different radio. I've been looking a bit through the site, but I'm a little lost....

    Any chance someone could point me in the right direction to get started again, using whatever is the newest way?


  • I run a Vera also. I would go with An esp8266 for gateway. Look at the capacitor added to the radio.

  • It seems we are going down similar paths. I had not touched my Vera in about 2 years, and started reading how things have changed. 2 years ago when I discontinued my Home Automation adventure, my thoughts were, I was not getting enough return on the time invested. The time spent, effort required and fragility of the whole thing was just not creating enough benefit. So I jumped back into Home Automation again about a month and a half ago, and am real happy.

    I did abandoned Vera and went with Home Assistant (hass.io), Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 (z-wave), and Node-Red on a Raspberry Pi and am real happy. I pulled out my old MySensors I had built and updated them, connected the serial gateway to a powered hub connected to the Raspberry Pi with hass.io, and they are all working fine. It is still not for the faint of heart, but it is so much easier for me then with Vera as the foundation. I'm able to fairly easily integrate, Z-Wave, Google Home Assistant, Cast Audio & Video, Hook hub, Rachio Irrigation, MotionEye cameras, and Tasmota flashed Sonoff devices to name a few pretty seamlessly.

    With my current direction I am getting great results, I'm real happy with the way all the different components integrate, and the feeling that the fragility has been reduced tremendously is making this feel like it was the right foundation choice for me, and is going to be a part of my home for years to come.

  • Thank you for your responses! Exactly what I was after!

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