[SOLVED] Batteries powered temperature sensore node drawn too much current

  • Hi everyone, I just finished to build a Mysensors DS18B20 node, everything is working fine with sending, but now I wanted to power my device with batteries and I discovered that the node is drawning 3mA current in sleep mode, this is really too much for a battery device, I tried to include the "Low-power" library, but it seems that it's not compatible.
    Did somone ever had such an issue with the power consumption on Mysensor battery powered node ?
    I'm not using a Nano, but directly a ATMega328 chip, with a NRF24L01+, two AA batteries.

    Thank you

  • Hi, I finally solved the issue, the node takes about 0.02mA in sleep mode, the problem was located on the nrf24L01+, I had a 5 of them, and two nrf did the same problem (to much current in sleep mode).
    So I will keep the "hungry" NRF for sector supply nodes.


  • Mod

    Great that you found the problem @david-muller, thanks for reporting the solution.

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