openHAB and NRF24 without gateway attachments

  • Hello!
    Im new to all of this stuff but i already like what smart house opportunities can give to everyone. 😉
    And heres my story begins: As ESP8266 is power-hungry i went for NRF24. I successfully added NRF24 to my rasp and done everything to have communication with my NRF24 node following this guide , and node code this guide.

    So my question:
    How can i forward or post NRF24 nodes sensor status to MQTT server? As in used guide - door status.
    As i already read there are ways with Ethernet Shield W5100 but is it possible to forward info without gateway?

    My setup:

    • Raspberry pi 3 with Openhab & MQTT server & NRF24L01 & MySensors branch
    • NRF24L01 node (Arduino Nano)
    • couple senors connected to ESP8266 sending info to MQTT server

  • Mod

    Hi @mārtiņš-prūsis, welcome to the MySensors forum. Great to have youhere 🙂

    From what you are describing, it sounds like you already have both a raspberry pi gateway and esp8266 gateways using MQTT. The nodes send data to a gateway, which forward the messages through MQTT. Could you describe the difference between the mqtt you have and the mqtt you want?

  • Correct, i have MQTT communication between rapsberry and esp8266 nodes without problems, but recently i added NRF24 module to raspberry and created NRF24 arduino node. There is communication between raspberry and NRF24 arduino node through air (see picture). Last five rows messaging door state sg=0:"1;0" (0=open, 1=closed), so i want to have this door state forwarded to MQTT server. Maybe later on info from PIR or temperature sensors. 0_1542137444741_nrf.JPG
    How can i forward this received state to MQTT?

  • Mod

    @mārtiņš-prūsis thanks for clarifying. Just follow the instructions in the MQTT section on

  • I done all steps only i skipped gateway type. I did MQTT gateway type and made a new gateway and vola, its working.
    Thank you!

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