Gateway - Ethernet stops

  • I got a problem that the Ethernet card sometimes (actually very often) just turns "off", all the leds stops blinking so it looks like dead. If I unlug the networkcable and plug it in again then all leds start to blink again. However I can't ping the IP adress until I have done reset on the Arduino.

    I use one 5v 2A powersupply for 2 Arduino, 2 Radio, 1 Ethernet module and one 433MHz transmitter. Could it be to little with 2A for this? Have
    Anyone else experienced the same or similar problem?

  • @olaeke I would think you may be pushing it. Any way to use a few separate supplies for a short time to see if that helps? If you decide to just upgrade your supply, you may want to put caps on the radios to help stabilize the bus.

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