MySensors, Vera and Alexa

  • Hey everyone!

    I'm planning on wiping the dust off my soldering iron and making some MySensors motion detectors! I haven't done much of this for a while as my Vera 3 unit wasn't working, but it recently started again lol

    I have bought a few Alexa's for my home and have them spread out, and so far they are working well. One problem I have though is getting it to work with my Philips Hue motion sensors. So I would like motion sensors to trigger scenes, or routines which they are called within Alexa.

    What I have found though is that some Vera devices won't work as a trigger, apparently it depends on what sort of category they are in. Has anyone here managed to get their MySensors motion detectors to work within Alexa to trigger scenes?


  • @homer Not sure why you would want your Echo devices to handle the scenes, why not have your Vera take care of that? You could use the native scenes section of Vera or even better, use the PLEG and PLTS plugins. I am not sure about the Vera 3 capabilities as I run a Vera Plus, but I would think if nothing else PLEG should work.

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