@MisterMel said in !TSM:FPAR:NO REPLY: The ones with external antenna still don't work, but the it will probably be fine without them I run all "regular" nRF24 radios, including the gateway, and it works well enough for me. My place is pretty small, but there are masonry walls and walls with metal studs that seem to cut down on range. I found putting the nodes up high on my walls helps a lot. Glad to hear you got it working. One more thing I wanted to re-iterate, for people coming along searching this topic later. I mentioned before, but keep experiencing this as I am working on some nodes the last couple days. Seems to me that fairly often actually, right after (re-)flashing and node boot up for first time on new software, I often get a lot of FPAR errors, which the node does not seem to come out of on it's own. But one or two resets (via on-board button) and then it starts working. Not sure what that is all about, or if others have experienced same, but I thought I would mention it again before people go nuts with other troubleshooting steps, and pulling their hair out.