@scurb This looks very interesting and my factor now to save me from having to create my own :-). I have been planning to do the same thing (although maybe on a smaller software scale) by writing a simple Python server that would pull serial packets off of a gateway arduino (either running mysensors or something I write myself) and pipe this through MQTT to openHAB. I have two questions: How do you interface with a sensor network? Do you go through a serial connection to read the serial packet format (a,b,c,d)? I see several implementations that put the mqtt client directly on the Arduino, but it seems much cheaper for me to just plug it into a USB port to get a virtual serial port instead of investing in a separate ethernet shield How does an item configurations look like for a switch in openHAB? I'm looking to build a toggle switch which toggles light on or off every time it is activated, and I cannot really understand how to configure the switch to allow this behaviour for an mqtt input. Feel free to take the second question with me directly since this might not be very interesting to the others in the forum