"So as soon as i've checked this is working as before, i release gerbers, and ask for a mini pcba if people interested." Just in case it was not clear in the other thread, I am If the quote you get for PCBA is reasonable of course, else I'll shift to the power hungry versions with bigger batteries until I feel confident to solder 0603. Or to re-make the design with sized-up components The PIR sensor is pretty cheap, but I guess it's already too high for most breakout board sellers on aliexpress who want to keep the price ultra low. I'm just surprised companies like Adafruit or Sparkfun never did anything low power and just resell the 1$ SR501 at 10$ Only DFRobot claims to have a 15ยตA PIR which is already a great improvement but I can't get it shipped to Vietnam without shelling out 20$ for express mail Happy new year to you too !